Nate Leath



Nate Leath is another product of North Carolina’s fertile fiddler breeding grounds.

Regarded by his musical associates as an unusually versatile musician, he’s a rare type equally at home in an old-time fiddle jam and the improvisatory demands of modern jazz. After winning a number of highly regarded fiddle contests across the South, and with solo recording credits to his name while still a teen, he developed his jazz and compositional abilities while receiving his bachelor’s degree at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Unlike many, Nate has made the successful transition from child prodigy to success as an adult professional.

The youngest member of Kripplekrunk, he is a multi-instrumentalist with a finger on the pulse of the latest developments in today’s musical scene. A prolific recording artist, titles released under his own name include Extra Medium (2000), Mojo Espresso (2003), I’ve Always Been a Rambler (2005), Rockville Pike (2008) and Leathal Matter (2013). He traveled extensively with a very youthful Old School Freight Train and continues to keep a busy schedule as leader of Leathal Matter, a band playing a fusion of genres including Funk, Psychedelic-Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Electronica, Jazz, Fusion, Bluegrass and Hindustani.

Rex McGee met a 14 year old Nate at a fiddler’s convention in Yadkinville, NC in 1997 and immediately recognized the talent. Once he was old enough for driving and staying up too late, Nate became key in the experimental jams Rex, Danny Knicely and John Garris were fermenting at the Galax Fiddler’s Convention. Nate’s 2005 solo release I’ve Always Been a Rambler included Danny and Rex.

When not on the road, Nate Leath lives in Charlottesville, VA where he has been old enough not to have to sneak in bars for at least 7 years.